Summer in Japan is muggy …


Now, Japan is in the middle of summer!

Summer fireworks and festivals in Japan

Summer fireworks and festivals in Japan

The feature of summer in Japan is to say that it is muggy anyhow.Before the summer (from the beginning of June to the middle of July), there is a rainy season, it is extremely rainy, it is a season when sultry begins.

When the rainy season ends, Japan also fills with the summer atmosphere.

Recent summer in Japan is muggy anyway, there is discomfort not understood only by the temperature …

Japanese people are accustomed to their sultry, but travelers from overseas may be surprised.

However, there are many unique advantages of Japan that can be tasted only in such summer!

Summer festival! fireworks! beer garden! Besides, summer seasonal seafood and dishes using vegetables, etc. are personally very favorite seasons.

Even so, the sunrise is quick and the sunset is late so you can work long!

Four Seasons in Japan

Four Seasons in Japan

As you know, there are four seasons in Japan, scenery and plants that can be seen in each season, traditional events that can be experienced, and food are different, and Japan will show a rich expression throughout the year!

Please come and visit Japan in a beautiful country!

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