Amazing railway premium vehicles in Kansai!

Kansai Conventional Line Kintetsu Limited Express ShimakazeHello.

In the last few years, there have been many debuts of premium vehicles on conventional lines in Kansai.

So today, I would like to talk about the premium vehicles on the Kansai conventional line.

◼️ Kintetsu Limited Express “Shimakaze”

Since its appearance in March 2013, ”Shimakaze” has been gaining popularity as a tourist express that represents Japan as well as the Kansai region.

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Entrance“Shimakaze” is a sightseeing route from Osaka Namba to Kashikojima, Kyoto to Kashikojima, and Kintetsu Nara to Kashikojima, all from the Kansai metropolitan area to Ise Shima.

As soon as I boarded, natural “granite” was used on the floor!

Normally, natural stones are heavy, so they are not used in vehicles, but a Kintetsu representative said, “The deck was an important place to welcome customers first, so I wanted to give a sense of luxury.” is. It’s full of extraordinary feelings from the start of the trip!

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Entrance Air ConditioningWhen you enter the car, you will be surrounded by a good scent!

You can see from the bottom of the air outlet located near the entrance, but in fact it has a refreshing scent and welcomes customers. Up to such a place, Japanese-style attention is given.

Popular premium seat in Kansai.

Kansai Kintetsu Express Shimakaze Premium SeatEven though it is premium, this seat is the standard seat in ”Shimakaze”. The front and back of the seat are just wide. The distance is 1m25cm, wider than the Shinkansen green car.

In addition, genuine leather is used for the seats, so you can feel the luxury.


Kansai Kintetsu Express Shimakaze premium seat reThe seat also has an electric reclining function! !

When I push the button, it was an electric legrest that supports the calf and a lumbar support button that can adjust the hardness of the seat at the waist!

This is a high-class seat, and it is the price of a mini car!

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Large WindowThe seats themselves are luxurious, but the windows that open under the armrests are also open. With the use of LEDs for the ceiling lights, the thickness of the luggage racks has been reduced, and the windows have expanded greatly toward the ceiling.

There are other highlights in the car! !


Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Powder RoomFirst, this powder room. Large mirrors and chairs are provided, making it perfect for dressing up before sightseeing! As expected, it is made only for women.

Multipurpose toilets are also equipped with changing boards that can be changed, so you can change your clothes in the car.


Kansai Kintetsu Express Shimakaze luggage storagThe deck also has a free locker with lock and a storage space for large carry bags, giving consideration to passengers heading to sightseeing spots. Lockers with locks are a nice consideration. You can leave your luggage without hesitation.



View from the top vehicle of Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express ShimakazeFrom there, go up the stairs and head to the first car. The top vehicle is an observation vehicle, and the height of the floor is close to the second floor seat of a two-story vehicle.

Because of the height, the view is also outstanding!

Please enter the top vehicle and see!


Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze 2nd floor cafe spaceThe driver’s cab is a spectacle spec, spreading out through the scenery. Although the height of the ceiling should be lower than other vehicles, it is open. A beautiful train window flows through the tracks leading to Kashikojima Island and the windows on both sides. Personally, this observation vehicle is the most recommended.

I especially want you to experience the scenery from the seat right behind the cab! It’s so popular that it’s hard to get a reservation, but please try it.

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze 1st floor cafe spaceSpeaking of “Shimakaze”, I look forward to eating! Meals and car sales are also gorgeous.

“Shimakaze” has a cafe car where you can enjoy a meal. There are 1st floor seats and 2nd floor seats, so you can sit anywhere and have different charms.

I would like to introduce the inside of the car again.

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Non-Smoking SpaceFirst of all, the “smoking room” is rare on a conventional limited express. Isn’t a smoker happy with a nice view of the cigarette?

Moreover, it is a wonderful space with a huge window. It is a little like a private room.

Next, this is a salon seat that became a semi-private room. Seats for groups of 6 people, but can be used from 4 people. Fares and charges per person are the same as premium seats.

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Japanese-style roomActually, “Shimakaze” has two complete private rooms, Japanese and Western!

This is a Japanese style private room. It is an atmosphere where you can relax and relax with digging goats. Moreover, it is very wide.

Take off your shoes to the Japanese-style room. There is a entrance space with a shoe box, so please take off your shoes and relax in Japan.

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Private RoomThere is an individual room, and when you press the button, the attendant will come and deliver the goods sold in the car.

Private rooms are really luxurious, but popular and difficult to book.

In addition, you can use a private room if you add a private room charge of 1,030 yen per room to the fare / charge for 3 or 4 people!

Kansai Kintetsu Limited Express Shimakaze Route Map2The attraction of the Kansai conventional line, the Kintetsu limited express “Shimakaze” is its overwhelming cospa.

In the case of a trip with a premium seat, you can ride for 5,560 yen between Kyoto and Kashikojima, including all tickets, limited express tickets, and Shimakaze special vehicle tickets.

In the near future, we will “Amazing Kansai! -viva japan trip- “will help you to book a premium vehicle on a conventional Kansai line! !

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