One-day bus travel tour!


I know this is sudden but, Japan is a vertically long island country.

You could have chance to find Japanee old scene and foods diferent from the foods of the city such as ,Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe in just only 2 hours by car.

Although it is good to aim at that place with car rental, here we will introduce a one-day bus tour!

There are tours planned by each travel agency, tours where fresh seafood and meat which can not be eaten in urban areas, meat, and hot springs are set in tourist attractions!

Basically, it is a day trip, you can eat famous sightseeing spots in Japan and seasonal foods!

The price depends on the content, but around 10,000 yen is the market price, it is very cheap price setting!

Every tour is a perfect reservation system, but the popular tour will fill up quickly.

Using the day trip bus tour in which many beautiful Japanese scenery and experience of a tourist spot and a good food were packed, wouldn’t you like to experience Japan which isn’t on a guide book?

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