There are many unique cultures and manners in Japan of a long island country in the east and west.
Also, our unique sense of virtue, as represented by the “Samurai” culture rooted in more than 600 years ago, has also influenced the present.

I think that if you understand Japanese culture, manners, Japanese people and you are interested in Japan and Japanese more.

1. Behavioral wellness

The Japanese manners are top class even if seen worldwide.
However, as drunkers drink a lot of people remove their squashes, beware of drunkards.

Japanese are well behaved

2. High service quality of store clerks

For people coming from overseas, I am surprised at the good service of customer service in Japan. It seems that the spirit of “hospitality” is rooted in Japanese.

Japanese hospitality

3. Clean and less waste

There is not much garbage on the roadside as well as in every store. Every toilet is very beautiful and I think that it is surprising.

A beautiful Japanese city

4. There are no places where safety and security are bad

It is one of the few countries that can walk in the street without fear of crime such as robbery and kidnapping.
Often there are lost things coming back.

Safe city Japan

5. Transportation will come on time

I was surprised that the train comes in minutes. It is impossible to get over the bus as well as the train, when it is overseas.
However, JR has priority to safety even if it is a small trouble, and because the railroad line is long and complicated, somewhat delay may affect and delay all lines.
However, delay situation will be reported at the electric bulletin board and ANAUS that there are a lot in such a station.

Japanese railway

Japanese train guide bulletin board

6. Vending machines are numerous

I do not have to worry about vending machines being destroyed or being taken away, because there are plenty of vending machines in Japan safe, I think that it feels very convenient.

Japanese vending machine

7. The quality of meals is high, cheap!

In Japan where the sea is surrounded and there are seasons and food control is also severe, the quality of the meal is high, and it is possible to eat cheaply and deliciously, except for some high-end restaurants where some people go. The eggs in Japan can symbolize the height of ingredient management that can be eaten raw.

Japanese food

Cheap and tasty Japanese dining out

8. Automatic Taxi Door

I think that everyone will be surprised. Moreover, it opens automatically automatically at the timing when I tried to open it, so it will be surprising again. Everyone speaks with a laugh, “I’ve heard it on the story, but I was surprised at all.”

Japanese taxis

9. Toilet (wash your ass in automatic · warm toilet seat)

There are a number of functions that Japanese toilets will be happy with VIP from abroad.
Automatically wash your butt, warm toilet seat, babbling sound of a river that drowns the sound.
Recently, it seems that there are an increasing number of foreigners who buy such Japanese toilet seat as souvenirs.

Automatic cleaning toilet in Japan

A clean toilet in Japan

10. There are many people wearing masks

It increases from 5 years ago, especially in the winter.
Because it will not get caught, because it will not get caught, it is warm when you are wearing a mask, the woman is OK without having makeup, there are various reasons, but for foreigners it may seem like a strange sight .

Do Japanese people like masks?

11. There are many convenience stores

There are many convenience stores in Japan anyway. Every convenience store is also very clean, there are many private items in each store at the store at the Shenn stores, all of them are cheap and the quality is also the best! Also, at many convenience stores I also owe the toilet, there are also Takkyubin / Copy service!
If you come to Japan, you will be amazed at its convenience and high quality!

Popular Convenience Store in Japan

The quality of convenience stores in Japan is the best