There are many unique manners and rules in Japan of the island country.

Nowadays, although it is a popular Japanese food overseas, in Japan where courtesy is important, there are various manners at the time of meal, so I think that you can understand Japanese culture better if you remember it.

By all means, let’s know about manners and rules, enjoy traveling in Japan · Japanese culture · Japanese meals!

1.Japanese meals are basically eaten with chopsticks(Hashi).

· Do not hand foods from your chopsticks to others’ chopsticks.

Do not give food with chopsticks and chopsticks





· Do not stick chopsticks in food.

Do not put chopsticks into the rice!







· Do not point at people with chopsticks.

Chopsticks inserted





· Do not use chopsticks as drum sticks.

Striking chopsticks






・When placing chopsticks put on chopstick rest.

When you can not eat chopstick rests ...





2. When you eat, put your hands together, “ITADAKIMASU”, hands that have finished eating together “GOCHISOUSAMADESHITA”

3. When sitting in a room, do not sit with your knees standing.

4. When eating soba, eat buckwheat together with air while making a sound!

(Udon makes no sound, ramen makes noises and eats)

4. It is cool to eat sushi with bare hands.

Cool eating sushi by hand






· Sushi is not rice, but just put on soy sauce on top of the fish.

It is not rice to add soy sauce