The season of plum comes in front of cherry blossoms in Japan / Kansai.


I had the opportunity to speak the other day, but at the end of March it will be a cherry blossom season that the inside of Japan will become pink.

Kanasai Plum gardenToday, I think that there are many foreign tourists who come to see the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms, but actually, about one month before the cherry blossom season (late February – early March), in Japan The plum blossoms will bloom, delivering the first visit of spring.

The flowers of plum trees are smaller than the flowers of cherry blossoms, and the height of trees is lower than that of cherry blossoms.

When this season comes, like the cherry blossoms, the flowering conditions of plum blossoms of each new sight are also posted in the newspaper.

Among such sights, I will introduce some places of plum flowers famous in Kansai.

In Japan, blooming information of cherry blossoms and plums is uploaded to TV, newspaper and the Internet, and it is taken root as a culture that can feel the season.

◼ Osaka / Osaka Castle Park (February 3: beginning to bloom)

Osaka Castle Park in Kansai's Plum gardenLocated on the east side of Osaka Castle, it is about 1.7 ha in size and has about 100 kinds of plum trees and 1270 plum trees, one of the Kansai’s representative plum garden.

On the back of Osaka Castle, the scenery of plum blossoms brings the arrival of spring to Kansai.

· Admission fee: free


◼︎ Wakayama Prefecture / Minabe Plum Garden (February 3: Tsubomi)

Minbe in Kansai's Plum gardenIn the bamboo forest which is the largest in Japan, about 100,000The plum dyes the mountain skin and you can enjoy the scenery of the masterpiece.

· Admission fee: 300 yen

· Access: 10 minutes by bus from JR Nambu station (about 2 hours from JR Osaka station)

◼ ︎ Kyoto / Kitano Tenman-gu (February 3: beginning to bloom)

Kitano-Tenmanguu in Kansai's Plum gardenAbout 1,500 red and white plums in Kitano Tenman-gu, the tourist attractions of Kyoto, ask tourists.Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the end of February to the middle of March are lighted up and it is a fantastic atmosphere.

· Admission fee: 700 yen

· About 25 minutes by bus from JR Kyoto Station

Why do not you watch flowers of plum blossoms earlier than cherry blossoms and delivering the spring season to Kansai?

Please buy a boxed lunch and sake at the grocery store in the underground shopping center of the department store or at a convenience store and experience the beautiful culture of Japan / Kansai.



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