Let’s get excited at Kansai’s big event “Ebessan” festival!


The Ebessan festival of the big event in Kansai will be held from 9th to 11th January every year!

Ebessan/KansaiThe festival is held at the shrine of “God of Ebisu” in various parts of the Kansai area.

There is a history of about 500 years, especially famous are “Imamiya Ebisu Shrine” in Osaka and “Nishinomiya Ebisu Shrine” in Hyogo Prefecture.

In these two shrines, one million people come to visit during the period, it will be a tremendous excitement.

Ebessan/KansaiAt the “Ebessan” festival, bamboo is dealt for free on the way to go, but first we will not get bamboo, we will arrive at the wave of people and visit the main hall.

Let ‘s pray for business and family safety, since the “God of Ebisu” is a god of trading business and family safety.

After that, we got free bamboo and purchase the decoration of the lucky favorite called “decoration” sold here and there, and have it bambooed on bamboo grass.The price is from about 1,000 yen, while the high price exceeds 10,000 yen.



The lucky decorations attached to the bamboo are said to be more auspicious if they are tied to “lucky daughter”

which is covered with a golden mountain high hat.

Ebessan/Kansai/Lucky girlWithin the shrine,“Bring me bamboo for business prosperity!”  (English translation) “is being hung up, you can feel the unique culture and power of Kansai.

Ebessan/Kansai/street stall

After that evening we crowded with salaried workers on duty, so I think that it is better to go by around 17 o’clock in the evening.

There are plenty of street stalls lined up around “Ebisu Shrine”, and this landscape is also one of the cultures of Kansai.

After visiting “Ebisu Shrine”, enjoying drinking and meals in the neighboring tavern without hesitating, maybe it is good to say Kansai style.

Why do not you feel the traditional culture and power of Kansai by all means when you visit Kansai during this period.




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