Kansai/Osaka’s “Tool toul to muscle”has interesting kitchen utensils for professional users!


In Kansai / Osaka, there is a place where shops are lined up with kitchen utensils that even professional cooks can understand, shop goodwill and food samples, etc. !


It’s a “Doguya-Suji(Tool toul to muscle)” in the arcade shopping street, about a 5-minute walk from Namba Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line in Kansai or Nihonbashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Battle!

The “TTool toul to muscle”, which is about 150m long, has a lot of products that are used in many kitchens and taverns, but of course there are many products that can be used in ordinary homes.


Recently, more and more foreign tourists are looking for souvenirs of high quality Japanese kitchen goods and kitchen knives.

I personally like a place, and there are many products that can increase my tension just by looking at it, and I can feel that Kansai / Osaka has been supporting is called the city of the “kitchen of the world”.


The location is close to Osaka’s Namba Station, one of the most popular shopping districts in the Kansai area, and there are many restaurants and Izakaya🏮.

You can also go to the famous “Kuromon Market”, which has recently become suitable for foreign tourists, within a 7-minute walk, so you can feel Kansai and Osaka deeply.


Cheap and delicious rice and “Doguya-Suji(Tool toul to muscle)”, sake and “Doguya-Suji(Tool toul to muscle)” from noon … If you go here, you can experience one of the cultures of Kansai and Osaka! !



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