Super recommended Japanese sweets in Kansai/Sakai City


Today, I will introduce you to the exquisite Japanese sweets shop in the “Sakai” area in the Kansai / South Osaka area.

Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese confectionery shop menu

There are only two menus in the store called “Kanbukuro”. Kansai fans gather to eat just that two menus!

“Kanbukuro” has a history of over 700 years in Kansai / Osaka, and still preserves the old taste in Kansai / Osaka.

However, since it has not been advertised greatly, it is popular as a hidden super store in Kansai.

The two menus I mentioned earlier are “Kurumi-mochi” and “Ice Kurumi”.

Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kurumi-mochi”? !

“Kurumi-mochi” is a paste made of green soybeans and “wrapped(=Kurumi)” white balls, so it was called “Kurumi-mochi”.

The pure white mochi has an exquisite and crisp texture and softness, and its throat. There is also a firm crunch. The glossy green paste is smooth, but it is not persistent and has a refreshing taste.
Anyway, it is super delicious! !

The aftertaste is very good, the thickness and sweetness of the paste, everything is in a good balance. It seems that you can continue to eat as many as you like without getting tired of eating.

The price is 360 yen for singles and 720 yen for doubles.

Kansai / Osaka / Sakai City’s “Kanbukuro” is not sold at any department stores, so only those who have tasted this restaurant can enjoy it.

If you go to the store, be sure to eat “Ice Kurumi-Mochi” that you cannot take home!

Inside the Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kanbukuro”

The store is very simple. It feels like a nostalgic old Japanese grandmother’s house.

There are a variety of souvenirs in the showcase, such as the “Kurumi-Mochi” in a bowl and the “Kurumi-Mochi” in a box.



What are the business hours and regular holidays of Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese sweets shop “Kanbukuro”?

Osaka Sakai City’s long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kanbukuro” is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and is open on national holidays.

Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, but the store will close as soon as it is sold out, so if you want to get “Kurumi-Mochi” without fail, it is recommended that you visit the store early.

We recommend that you go to the shop early on because it is expected to be crowded on weekends and public holidays.



Access to Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kanbukuro”

If you take a train to 『Kanbukuro』 in Sakai City, Osaka, it takes about 7 minutes by taxi from Nankai Electric Railway / Sakai Station, which is the nearest station.

If you use a tram or Hankai train with a taste, you will arrive at “Terajicho Station” about 30 minutes from Kansai / Osaka Tennoji Station, and then 3 minutes on foot from there.

In the case of car use, it is approximately 1.5km from Hanshin Expressway No. 15 Sakai Line and Sakai Exit, and about 2km from Hanshin Expressway No. 4 Wangan Line and Ohama Exit. There is a free parking lot facing “Kanbukuro”.

Summary of Kansai / Osaka long-established Japanese confectionery shop “Kanbukuro”

“Kurumi-Mochi” from “Kanbukuro” in Sakai City, Osaka is a special Japanese sweet that you can only eat if you go to the store.

“Ice Kurumi-Mochi” is limited to the store, but the classic “Kurumi-Mochi” is also sold for takeaway.

Make sure to visit Osaka Sakai City to eat the secret paste “Kurumi-Mochi”! !

Kansai / Osaka / Sakai City has noticed a unique culture. There are many delicious meals, sweets and cultural heritage.
If you come to Kansai, please try Osaka Sakai City! !

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