Japanese culture · Kansai culture “Izakaya” is amazing!

Kansai izakayaHello!

Today, I would like to talk about Japanese culture and Kansai culture “Izakaya”.

Foreign tourists who came to Japan are sure to like “Izakaya”.


Kansai Izakaya FoodsThere are lots of “Izakaya” really in Kansai! “Izakaya” … Things that are similar in the United States and the UK abroad are pubs, but “Izakaya” is different from pubs.

Although the pub was originally born in the UK, alcohol drinks are still the main and there is not much elaborate dishes like the Japanese tavern.

Therefore, Japanese izakaya “a meal is tasty and drinking can be drunk” can be said to be a unique style which is extremely rare worldwide.

Moreover, there are really many such izakaya. There is no reason for foreigners to be surprised.

Kansai izakayaPeople who enjoyed “Izakaya” in Japan seem to miss even if they return to their own country. Also, the “Izakaya Style” bar is popular in Europe and the United States. There seems to be “Izakaya” which can not be easily booked in big cities in the United States.

Also, what is often seen in Japanese taverns is the “all-you-can-drink (free drink)” system.

Kansai Izakaya Free drink

In this system which is relatively common in chain stores, the price of all you can drink, the time limit, the contents of drinks which can be drunk vary depending on the store

The average content is 1,500 yen in 2 hours. Almost every shop is the content of liquor, beer · so-chu · high-ball and sake…etc.

Those who drink 4 or more alcohol are overwhelmingly profitable!


Kansai IzakayaPersonally, there are many shops that offer delicious food that cooks in front of the eyes than a deep-fried food chain store, it is recommended that individual shop!

Many taverns of chain stores are introduced in the guidebook, but I would like to introduce a really tasty Izakaya in Kansai with this blog.

Enjoy your meal in Kansai with delicious sake and delicious dishes suitable for drinking!




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