Kansai cherry blossom spot – Osaka: Kema-Sakuranomiya Park –


The Kansai still has a cold day, but the spring season is definitely approaching.

Kansai Kema-SakuraNoMiya ParkSpring in Japan, spring in Kansai is here and there, you can enjoy cherry blossoms dyed in pink color.

While walking around such cherry blossoms, walks and banquets, picnics will increase the tension of the Japanese.

There are lots of cherry-blossom viewing spots in Kansai, so I would like to send you famous cherry blossom spots, spots and fun spots in this blog.

By the last time, Osaka Castle Park: Nishinomaru-garden and Osaka Castle: Minami-Karohori area, Kyoto: Keage-Incline and Kyoto: Nanzen-ji, Kyoto: Yodogawa embankment was introduced.

Kansai Kema-SakuraNoMiya ParkThis time, the sights of the cherry blossoms in Kansai to introduce are Osaka’s “Kema-Sakuranomiya Park”.

Kansai, “Kema-Sakuranomiya Park” is a riverside park spreading to the immediate place after getting off the JR Ring line · Sakuranomiya station (about 10 minutes from Osaka station), and it is spreading along the Okawa about 4 km in length.


Approximately 4,800 cherry trees are planted in this area, and each year there are beautiful cherry blossoms.

Kansai Kema-SakuraNoMiya ParkMany food stand are also opened and it is nice to take a walk while watching cherry blossoms, and you can enjoy festive feelings on stalls, party leisure seats and a variety of fun activities Recommended It is the cherry blossom viewing spot.

And if you want to enjoy cherry blossoms while having a bento with a box lunch, just around the stroll, Sakuranomiya baseball stadium is recommended!In the vicinity of Sakuranomiya stadium there are scattered wide area of lawn and I think that it is relatively easy to take place as well!

Kansai Kema-SakuraNoMiya ParkIt is also a popular spot in Kansai to enjoy Sakura while visiting the Okawa flowing in front of Kema-Sakuranomiya Park as a method of enjoying other than walking or taking a place to see the cherry blossoms!The pleasure boat can ride from the eighthome docking station located in front of Temmabashi station.

Moreover, this pleasure boat can say “Okawa Sakura Cruise” and enjoy Okawa sightseeing for about 25 minutes. You leave at any time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, so you can board without reservation.

Okawa Sakura CruiseIt is quite a popular spot every year because it gives a different feeling from the onshore where you can see stunning cherry blossom on board!

Please also enjoy the cherry blossoms of Kema-Sakuranomiya Park, a famous place of cherry blossoms in Kansai, with very good access from Osaka!


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