Japan’s outdoor brand / snow peak is amazing!

snow peakHello!!

Even in Japan, the outdoor boom began more than 10 years ago, and now it has become a standard.

At that time, having a tent of “Coleman” and lantern etc was the status, but now it is the “snow peak” made in Japan that is the subject of admiration in the Japanese camping place!


As a general outdoor manufacturer, including tents, lanterns and apparel as well, any product can feel the high quality of Japan.

In the northern part of Japan, there is a head office in the Niigata district where the natural environment is severe, and products are being developed by thorough verification in nature.

In addition, we have a lot of unique products that are full of ideas and high originality, assuming every situation.

Snow Peak CookwareAlso, like a Japanese brand, very high quality products and “I wanted such a thing! “The product lineup has been done, I think whether it is good for the souvenir that came to Japan.

Even if you use it for everyday life as well as outside use such as camping and touring, I think that you can experience fashionable and user-friendliness.

SnowPeak fireburn-tableAlso in Kansai, there are several shops dealing with such snow peak products, so please do look it!

Well, I will introduce some items popular among snow peaks and idea products.

Fireburn table

SnowPeak fireburn-tableI think that there is also a campfire classic as the classic camp, but direct fireworks on the lawn and above the roots of the trees will hurt the natural environment.

In such a case, how about using this bonfire table? There are three sizes of S · M · L, a table surrounding a firefighting stand, and a net for BBQ are also prepared, and you can use Dutch oven as it is on a bonfire stand and use it!

Tent / Tarp

Snow Peak Tent & TarpSnow peaks are rich in types of tent and tarp, and the quality is also very high.

In addition, the tent is easy to set up and also adapts to all kinds of weather, with a lot of lineups available according to size and expandability.

For the family, the tent for beginners is “amenity dome”. Inner mat and ground seat are set in the starter set.

Snow Peak TentIn addition, tents for advanced users and large tarps are also available, and we support camping with large numbers of people. By connecting tents and tarps, you can also enjoy new ways of enjoying!




Snow Peak PegSnow peak is starting from a hardware store in a rural town in Niigata, and this product that made full use of the craftsmen’s technology at that time is this peg.

Peg which will bear the safety of the tent when setting up the tent. Among such many pegs, “Snow Peak” of “Snow Peak” is an excellent item that changed the concept of “Peg = Consumables” up to the past.

Depending on various ground conditions, four kinds of pegs are prepared.


Snow Peak StoveIt is a stone of a fancy snow peak which is special glass processed, that the flame at the time of burning becomes a gradation of seven colors. Because burning time is also very long and can be used for 20 hours, it is a reputation item for cold camping time.

It is this rainbow stove which is released as a stove from the snow peak in Japan. The size is 388 × 388 × 485.7 (h) mm, which is compact design.

As for use, it is necessary to pay close attention. For snow peaks, for use outside of the field, we are not admitting to use in mesh shelters selling at snow peak, so please be careful. Please do not forget to use kerosene and batteries when using.

LED lantern

Snow Peak LanternOf course, snow peaks are also very bright and durable, there is also a compact gas lantern, which is also a very excellent product, but in reality, LED lanterns also have unique products.

That is “Hozuki”. The biggest characteristic of cheeks is “fluctuation mode”. In the fluctuation mode, when the wind blows, the lantern light flickers like a candle according to the strength of the wind.


Snow Peak Lantern "hoozuki"You can taste a calm and cool atmosphere like a flame is swaying in the wind. Also, although it is an LED lantern, the orange color close to the flame is reproduced brilliantly.





Snow peak skitterAlthough similar skittles are issued from various manufacturers, the snow peak skittles are made of titanium, and making very smooth is proving the height of technology.

Because it is made of titanium, there is no odor transfer and a special case and a funnel are attached, I think that you will be pleased with the presentation.


Shelf Container

Snow Peak ContainerIt can be used as a rugged BOX, it is a container to be deformed which also spreads out and becomes a shelf. At campgrounds and at home, blankets and clothes and books, such as my favorite are shown cool.

Moreover, it can also be used repeatedly, and in the outdoor scene it is safe to use fire like storing firewood etc! !


There are still many items in the snow peak, and when you come to the Kansai, please go to the shop and take it in your hand!

You surely feel the high quality and ideas of the Japan brand!





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