Good public bath access in Kansai ①


Kansai /Hyougo Public bathOne thing in Japanese culture is that you can not forget “Sento(public bath)”.

For foreigners, I think that there is resistance to going out with naked relationships with others, and some people worry about hygiene, but if you come to Japan / Kansai so much, it is certainly a traditional Japanese culture Please experience!

Quality control of every hot spring facility is severe, inspection and cleaning of water quality of several times a day are surely done, and you can experience the pleasant Japanese hot spring facility culture.

Kansai /Hyougo Public bath nanobehanoyu_rotenburoI think that many of the Japanese who went on a trip to a foreign country are slowly warming their bodies by accumulating hot water in the bathtub.The hot spring culture is rooted in the Japanese people, so we do not feel resistance to naked association, so please relax and have fun.

In each house in Japan, a bath to store hot water in the bathtub is installed, soak in the hot water of the bath and heals the tiredness every day.

Japan is an island country, with many volcanoes and plenty of water, I enjoyed a natural outdoor bath from long ago.

Even now, there are “Sentan” at various places in Kansai. Recently, a lot of “Super Sento” which is large in scale and can provide meals and relaxation space is made.

Among such super-public baths in the Kansai area, I would like to introduce the recommended Kansai’s “Super Sento”, which is good access by train or a free bus for pick-up from the nearest station.

◼ ︎ Nobeha_no_yu · Tsuruhashi store (Osaka)

Kansai Osaka Public bath Nobeha-no-yuAccess: 7 minutes on foot from Tsuruhashi Station (approximately 20 minutes from Osaka station) from JR Ring Line

Price: Adult · 850 yen / child · 450 yen

Opening hours: 9: 00-26: 00

Other: Bath towel chargeable rental available

Kansai /Hyougo Public bath nanobehanoyu_rotenburoYou can enjoy the Japanese hot spring culture full of emotion that is in the middle of Kansai / Osaka city, and can not seem to be located 7 minutes on foot from the nearest station.

Besides the outdoor bath, there are many kinds of baths, there is also the “high concentration carbonated water” which is also popular recently in the Kansai area, and the rock bath sauna uses lots of medicinal ore.

Moreover, the quality of meals and relaxation is also high, you can experience Japanese bathing culture and healing!

◼ Shio_Ashiya SPA Sui_shun (Hyogo)

Access: Free shuttle bus (approximately one hour interval) from JR Ashiya station and Hanshin Ashiya station (approximately 15 minutes from Osaka station)Kansai /Hyougo Public bath Sui-shun

Price: Weekdays Adult 1,400 yen / Child 800 yen Saturday Sunday Holidays Adults 1,600 yen / Children 900 yen (Including wearing in the museum)

Opening hours: 9: 00-25: 00

Other: Bath towel rental is freeKansai /Hyougo Public bath Sui-shun rikuraina

There is a luxurious atmosphere up a notch compared with other super public baths in the Kansai area, which is unusual for the super public baths to offer in-house wear, and you can enjoy baths, relaxation spaces and meals many times.Kansai /Hyougo Public bath Sui-shun


Most of the Kansai’s “Super Sento”, which will be introduced in the future, will be able to use the amenity of shampoo and body soap for free, so you can enjoy hot springs by hand.


Please enjoy the best relaxation to relax the tiredness of the trip and Japanese culture! !


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