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In Japan, today (February 11) is a three-day holiday with a holiday, but it is a cold consecutive holiday because of a strong cold wave.

In such Japan / Kansai Osaka Castle, plum blossoms telling the arrival of spring began to bloom a little!

When the plum blossoms season ends, Japan is finally the most beautiful season and spring all the year round.

Already, we have introduced the cherry blossom viewing spot of Osaka Castle, but of course there are plenty of cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto too!

Among the many cherry blossom viewing spots that are so many, I will introduce three of Kyoto’s most famous cherry-blossing spots in Kansai.

1. Keage-Ink Line

Cherry blossoms at Keage-Inkline◼ ︎ Access: About 1 hour from Osaka station, change to JR line at Yamashina Station and change to Tozai Line, get off at Keage Station 6 minutes

◼︎ Admission: Free


Cherry blossoms at Keage-Inkline“Keage-Ink line” is located near Nanzenji and is the longest inclined railway track in the world with a total length of 582 m. It is a steep slope of Lake Biwa Canal with a height difference of about 36 m and the site of the inclined railway laid in order to operate the ship is.

Approximately 90 cherry trees are planted along the railroad track and you can watch and walk in the railroad tracks in full bloom.


Cherry blossoms at Nanzen-ji◼︎ Access: Approximately 10 minutes on foot from the Kakehira line

◼︎ Admission fee: free of precincts




Cherry blossoms at Nanzen-jiAbout 10 minutes on foot from “Keage-Ink line”, there is also the “Nanzen-Ji” which is the most prestigious in” Zen sect” in Japan.

Although the number of cherry trees is not really about 100, the cherry blossoms enjoying with the Japanese high-profile high-rise buildings are all beautiful things.


Nanzenji Waterway Cabinet

Cherry blossoms colorfully colors the “Sanmon” which became the stage of “Kabuki”. If you look at the “Sanmon” you want over the cherry tree, go to the tower here. The view is nice and you can overlook the cherry blossoms in the precincts. Cherry blossoms near Waterway Cabinet in the back of the precinct is also superb.

Another attraction of “Nanzen-Ji” is the Waterway Cabine” in the photo. A ruin that appeared suddenly in the tree stand. The arch bridge, reminiscent of the ancient Roman aqueduct, is a famous Nanzenji Waterway Cabinettourist attraction.

Why do not you enjoy the cherry blossom Golden Route of “Nanzen-Ji” from “Keage-Ink line”.



3. Yodokawa River Park Back Breakwater Area

Yodogawa River Park Embankment cherry blossoms

■︎Aaccess: About 1 hour from Osaka station

■ Admission: Free



Yodogawa River Park Embankment cherry blossomsNot only in Kansai but also in the Japanese cherry blossom viewing spot of the Kizu River and the Uji River dividing the back split dike (embankment) is a beautiful state-owned park wrapped in a faint pink color in the spring when cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

There is a lawn square and an observatory place, and a cherry tree lined avenue runs for about 1.4 km. The cherry tree tunnel in full bloom is a masterpiece. In addition, we also recommend the observation tower of “Sakura Ai Kan” which can overlook the cherry blossoms in a height of about 25 m.

On the lawn plaza, many people enjoy BBQ while watching the beautiful cherry blossoms! If you have the opportunity, why do not you try talking to people with such a cherry-blossom viewing BBQ and experiencing Japanese B-class Cherry-Blossom BBQ?

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