Autumn leaves in Japan · “Osaka Castle Park”🍁


In October, the arrival of autumn has finally come to Japan.

The beautiful autumnal leaves of Osaka Castle Park, which Osaka’s landmarks you already know, can also be said to be one of the most representative sceneries in Japan.

Osaka Castle Park is located in the middle of Osaka, and access from the main stations in Osaka is also very good, and it is the best location condition for tourists to visit.

Osaka Castle and autumn leaves

The autumn leaves of Osaka Castle Park are mainly the red leaves of golden ginkgo, unlike the red leaves of the red maple of “Kyoto · Tofukuji” we introduced last time.

Ginkgo shining in gold in Osaka Castle ParkWell then, I would like to summarize the information on the autumn leaves of Osaka Castle Park.

1. Access to Osaka Castle Park

Although there are several nearest stations, the following two are personally recommended.

· JR Osaka Circular Line Morinomiya Station
· Osaka Metro Tanimachi 4-Chome Station (1-A or 1-B exit)

2. The best time to see the autumn colors at Osaka Castle Park

Early November to early December

Autumn leaves of Osaka Castle · Nishinomaru garden3. Recommended places in autumnal leaves in Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Castle Park Waliking Map

① From Morinomiya Station to Osaka Castle Park, a ginkgo tree lined tree which lasts about 1 km

While walking while watching the ginkgo ginkgo biloba, you are likely to forget the busy days.

Ginkgo bunches at Osaka Castle Park

③ The whole area of Osaka Castle Park has few maples, but this place is a small area, but you can watch the leaves of a maple where many people gathered.

④ Oosaka Castle in front of the castle tower 300-year-old big ginkgo!

Ginkgo shining in gold in Osaka Castle Park

⑤ The view of autumnal leaves and the view of Osaka Castle from the “Nishinomaru garden”

The Nishinomaru garden has a fee of 200 yen, but you can sit in a vast lawn, relax relaxingly at Osaka Castle and autumn leaves, you can enjoy the healing time.

Recently, crowded with foreign tourists, the Nishinomaru garden is relatively few people, maybe called a spot spot.

Autumn leaves of Osaka Castle · Nishinomaru gardenIf you come to Osaka, Osaka Castle where many people stop by, please enjoy the autumn leaves by all means during the autumn season.


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