Anyway it is affordable and tasty! Japanese Standing Public tavern.


In Japan, “standing style ” Izakaya is popular for a long time and there are some shops crowded every day.

Standing drinking pub

In such a shop, today we will introduce the “Public tavern Hirayama” located in Kitahama, Osaka.

Popular pub Hirayama

Why is “standing drinking” now popular …?

I am also a heavy user of “standing drinking”, first affordable! And since there is no limited space like a table, you can easily get along with other customers! Well, I think that is the reason for bringing me there.

And the pioneer of such a “standing drink” boom is “Public tavern Hirayama”.

Why introducing “Hirayama”? That’s why that the quality of meals are pretty high anyway.

Broiled new brothDelicious foodThe shop is very clean and the surrounding area is an office town, so there are no young people drinking while making a fuss!

These specialties such as “Bloiled loach”, “Grilled Wagyu offal (hormone)” “Japanese style cream cheese” “Sashimi” are all less than 500 yen.
The guests gathered by the master ‘s character are in a very good atmosphere and it’s a comfortable space.

Popular pub Hirayama MasterIt may be better to drink beer and spirits with delicious small dishs rather than eating heavily.

Location;About 5 minutes on foot from Yodoyabashi station, Osaka Metro Midosuji Line (First stop from Umeda station).

Why do not you try to communicate with funny Japanese customers at “Standing Public tervern” while enjoying delicious Japanese dishes and drinking!

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