Japanese summer! Summer in Kansai! Nagashima Pool Summer!


In Kansai, the long rainy season has ended, and it has become a full-fledged summer season!

The pool is full of couples and families with parents and children amidst intense heat every day.

In such a pool, I would like to introduce the recommended “Nagashima Pool”.

From the Nagashima Resort official page

Summer in Kansai! Nagashima Pool Slider“Nagashima Pool” is about 2 hours and 30 minutes by car from Kansai / Osaka and may feel a little far away, but if you want to enjoy Japan’s largest pool, you won’t feel the trouble of moving.

There are direct buses from Kansai / Osaka and Kobe, but there is not enough time to enjoy Nagashima Resort with a stay of about 6 hours.

It may be a little annoying, but we recommend that you rent a car and enjoy it without worrying about time!

“Nagashima Resort” has not only a pool, but also a vast hot spring where you can enjoy the largest outlet in western Japan and many outdoor baths. The amusement park is also one of the largest in western Japan, and you can enjoy screaming at both the pool slider and the amusement park.

You may be greedy and think about enjoying both the pool and the amusement park, but in the hot summer season, it is recommended that you play with the pool alone.

Summer in Kansai! Nagashima Pool SliderAfter the pool, it ’s a good idea to enjoy the very large and clean bath “Yuami no Shima” I mentioned earlier! You can dine in the “Tatami” space of “Yuami no Shima”!

Let’s introduce the pool.

Nagashima Jumbo Seawater Pool which is really wide and wide and is likely to get lost.

There are more than 10 types of pools and 18 or more types of sliders. This is a large-scale pool that is incomparable with others.

Summer in Kansai! Nagashima PoolSince the wave pool alone is 5000 square meters, it is an area that can never be met by just saying “I should be in the wave pool”.

There are also a running water pool and a recently introduced torrent pool. A family pool, a children’s pool, a hot spring pool, a murmuring pool … I don’t know because there are too many! !


The torrent pool rides on a dedicated float, and you can enjoy the thrill of the intense torrent that you can’t imagine in a normal flowing pool!


There is only Nagashima, which is famous for its screaming system, and there are screaming sliders that can only be found here even if you look for the pool sliders all over Japan.

Summer in Kansai! Nagashima Pool SliderThere are too many sliders that can be slid by one person, sliders where five to six people ride on a large floating wheel ride and enjoy the thrill together!

Both pool and slider can be enjoyed from children to adults.
Even in my home, every summer I go to the “Nagashima Pool” so that both adults and children can enjoy themselves.


Summer in Kansai! Nagashima hot springMoms, who are not good at the pool, are shopping at the outlet and are waiting for their children to relax at the hot spring.
Children and adults who are tired of play should relax in the spacious hot spring!

However, “Nagashima Resort”, which has many visitors from Kansai, will be crowded on Saturdays, so I think it is better to use it on weekdays.

Summer in Kansai! Nagashima hot springOn weekends, popular sliders will wait an hour and you may not be able to fully enjoy them.

“Nagashima Resort” has not only a pool and hot springs, but also outlets and the largest amusement park in western Japan, so it is difficult to introduce all of them at this opportunity today.

Anyway, why don’t you enjoy “Nagashima Resort” which is well accessible from Kansai?


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