A great Japanese-style lunch to eat at an old Japanese house



Some foreign tourists seem to want to eat Japanese food while watching the Japanese garden at an old Japanese house.


To such a person, I will introduce an amazing restaurant where you can go from Osaka station in about 30 minutes.

The name of the restaurant is “Ganko Hiranogou House”.Ganko-Hirano gō

It is a restaurant of the very famous Izakaya chain “Ganko-Sushi Group” most of Japanse live in Osaka know.
But “Ganko Hiranogo House”is a less-well known place.

The building of this restaurant uses the mansion of about 400 years ago, and a famous gardener takes care of the Japanese garden.

Japanese garden

When and it’s lunch while judging a Japanese garden as this Japanese old family, you can have a meal very reasonably.

The building is almost not renovated and have an atmosphere that left Japanese old house and Japanese garden as it is.

Purely Japanese store

Of course, walking around the Japanese garden can be done freely, and in the “Museum of Life” exhibiting traditional Japanese life and goods in the building, traditional Japanese clothing such as “Kimono”, “Pottery bowl”, hanging scrolls You can also touch the culture of.

Purely Japanese store

◾️ Store name

Ganko- Hiranogou House

◾️ Address · Access

· Osaka-shi Hirano-ku Kami K urasaku 1-3-19

· JR Osaka Station → JR Line Line or JR Kansai Air Freight → Transfer “Tennoji Station” → Get off at JR Kansai Main Line “Kami Station” →

◾️ Actual budget

· Night: Adults about 3,000 yen ~ 8,000 yen (excluding alcohol)

· Daytime: Adults about 1,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen (excluding alcohol)

Lunch at a Japanese Izakaya

◾️ Benefits

· You can eat with wonderful traditional Japanese houses while watching the Japanese garden


· Good access by train

◾️ Disadvantage

· The taste of meals is normal and the quantity is not large

· Because many locals use it, the reservation is better

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