Rental cycle bike🚲 is recommended for movement of Kansai / Kyoto⛩!!

Today I will introduce about one of the means of transportation in Kyoto, rental cycle.
Kansai · Kyoto can be called Japan’s tourist city, where tourists gather from all over the world.
Approximately, since Japan ‘s capital moved to Kyoto 1300 years ago, it has become a symbolic city of Japanese culture up to now.
The national treasure is the number one in Japan in 72 cases, and as the “cultural property of ancient city · Kyoto”, the whole town is a world heritage.
(Incidentally, there are 3 cases in Nara prefecture where there are many World Heritage sites in Japan.)National treasure of Kansai · KyotoNational treasure of Kansai · KyotoSuch a tourist city · Kyoto is crowded with tourists from Japan and abroad.

There are buildings and foods that can feel the history and culture of Japan everywhere.Cycling in Kansai / KyotoThe main means of transportation will be trains (JR line, Hankyu train, Keihan railway), buses, taxis, but the cultural properties in the northern part of Kyoto City (Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji etc.) become trains and buses MIX and a little complexity You may feel it.

So, my recommended way to travel in Kyoto is “rental cycle”!🚲Cycling in Kansai / KyotoAlso when I go to Kyoto with my family, I always make reservations for rental cycles and I am going to go sightseeing.

In the city of Kyoto, you can feel the culture and the four seasons throughout the city, besides the sightseeing spots posted in guide books.

So, if you are a bicycle you can freely link cultural properties of sightseeing spots, you can feel the atmosphere and the four seasons of the Japanese ancient capital of the whole town, and absolutely not posted in the guide book, locals go through You can also enjoy meals in hidden famous stores at local prices.Three year slope of Kansai · Kyoto sightsBecause it is such Kyoto, there are many shops in the rental cycle, but I recommend you to book in advance.
I would like to help you with reservation agency of rental cycle 💪 💪

There are many rental shops in Kyoto, and there are various services.
“I will take it to a shop” “Have them take me to a designated place and take over at the designated place” “Have the hotel bring me back to the hotel”
The market price of the price is around 1,000 yen / day for adults (around 1,800 yen / day in electric type), 800 yen / day for children, it is relatively cheap to borrow.Cycling in Kansai / KyotoFirst of all, think about the spot of Kyoto that I want to go first and think that it is better to decide the start point of the bicycle.

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