The car situation in Japan / Kansai


As I mentioned before, the Kansai train network (among them Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe) is substantial, so if you use it well, you can enjoy traveling in Kansai efficiently.

Osaka, Kyoto, Nara park etc, the overwhelming train is convenient, but if you are looking for Awaji Island and other Japanese landscape, you still need a car.

Foreign tourists who do renting car seems to be increasing, but recently it seems that foreign tourists are increasing trouble with driving rental cars, so before car rental in Japan a little about the car circumstances, I would like to talk.

■Attention point

· From the main road in the center of the city, the road narrows relatively when you go to the side road.

· There are many street parked vehicles in the Kansai area, which often interferes with driving.

Japan Street parking· It is a temperate Japanese, but when riding a car, it becomes impatient, there are many drivers who apply pressure, such as horn racing, passing, bouncing, etc., compared with overseas.

· Morning of Kansai (7: 00 ~ 9: 00) Evening (17: 00 ~ 19: 00), roads get crowded at commuting and going home.

Congestion in Japan

■Good point of ︎ drive in Japan · Kansai

· If you leave the city center there is a resting place called “Road Station”, you can purchase local specialties.

Japan Road Station· There are many convenience stores in safe Japan, and most shops set up toilets.

· Paid parking lot is in many places. The price is also cheap.

■Recommended tourist spots in car hire in Kansai

We introduce recommended sightseeing spot in Kansai which is less likely to be in traffic, easy to drive with relaxed roads, car rental.

( ) Is the approximate time required from Osaka Umeda.

· Awaji Island (1 hour 30 minutes)Kansai Awaji Island

· Tamba Sasayama Area (1 hour)

It is a popular drive spot in Kansai, where you can enjoy good old Japanese scenery and meals. Soba is famous.

Tamba Sasayama Drive

· Funaya in Ine (2 hours 30 minutes)

A private house in the Kyoto · Ine district, where the first floor became the storage place of the ship.

When I saw the “Funaya” from the sea, it became a sightseeing spot because it seems as if the house is floating in the sea, and since it was also used for shooting movies, it became a famous tourist destination all over the country. Although it is said that there are still more than 200 buildings of the shipyard, as the fishing village, it has been selected for the first time as an important traditional building group preservation area in Japan.

Funaya at Ine· Kyoto prefecture Miyama · “Kayabuki (thatched roof)no Sato” (less than 2 hours)

Kyoto · Miyama area is a popular tourist attraction for Kansai as a place to meet the original landscape of Japan.

Sightseeing spot “Kayabuki no Sato” Many citrus private houses exist in Miyama Town, but among them there are 39 buildings out of 50 houses in the “North” settlement, with roof of crown and buildings based on traditional techniques The evaluation of the preservation degree of the historical landscape including the group was also high, and it was selected as a preservation district of the important traditional building group of the country in December, 1993 (1993).

Miyama Kyoto Village of thatched roof

· Wakayama prefecture Tomogashima(Tomoga Island) (1 hour 30 minutes + ferry 20 minutes)

“Tomoga Island” in Kansai · Wakayama prefecture is now a deserted island, but it is a spot of attention from many tourists.

It is said that it became a model of the famous anime ghibli animation · “Laputa castle in the sky”, and that it can enjoy the mysterious atmosphere, not only anime fans, but also many tourists visit.

A place that became a model of the movie "Laputa in the sky"Drive to the suburbs and you can meet the old Japanese landscape that you can not see in the city center!

In addition, you can eat delicious rice in the vicinity of each sightseeing spot, you can also get a souvenir. Anyway, you can stop by a hot spring at the end of the day if you are a car!

Why do not you go to a tourist spot in Kansai which is hard to go by train! !




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