Rice omelet to eat at a pure Japanese style house


In Japan, there are some shops where you can eat in an old-fashioned Japanese house that you could easily have handed down, without going to eat expensive Japanese cuisine, as published in guidebooks.

First of all, it is one of the birthplace of a rice omelet in Japan, “hokkyokusei-shinsaibashi store”.

Osaka's well-established store

It is about 5 to 6 minutes walking distance from Osaka Metro’s Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station.

It is in the middle of downtown Osaka ‘s downtown area, and I will introduce you to the old – fashioned ia rice omelet in the city with many modern buildings.

Exquisite omelet rice

Every rice omelet you eat at a pure Japanese-style room built about 70 years ago is superb, so you will notice a little from the shop front, but all the prices are popular settings.

Small Japanese garden

Pure Japanese room

There are only shops brought from rice omelet , most customers are ordering omelet rice, but hamburger is also really delicious, you can see the high quality.

However, the size of omelet rice is small a little, there is a possibility not to be full.
If you are a male, we recommend that you order a huge sum at additional fee.

This shop has become a popular shop, and now we have a few shops open, but only Shinsaibashi store here is a purely Japanese building.

Weekend lunch time and dinner time are crowded so we recommend you to shift time or go on weekdays.

In the vicinity, there is also “Shinsaibashi bridge mall shopping district” where the “Horie area” where young people sensitive to the trend of the Osaka gathers, and clothes shops and department stores are attached.

Besides, there is an English notation in the menu of “hokkyokusei-shinsaibashi store”, foreigners can use it with confidence.

hokkyokusei-shinsaibashi menuThere are lots of famous stores that will not be posted in other guide books within walking distance from “hokkyokusei”, so I will introduce again

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