Kansai · Ise Shrine is not only a praying gesture!


Last time I told you about the prayers of Ise Shrine, but not only on a special day (New Year’s Day) but also a lot of Japanese gathered at Ise Shrine because there is pleasure that is not just a visit.

It has a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants lined up along the approach, delicious food that is perfect for eating after taking a takeout, together with the previous visit to Ise Shrine, along with the previous visit to the Ise Shrine, the best day to touch traditional Japanese culture It is because it is.

Ise Shrin “Okage Yokochou””Oharai-Town” Map

Besides, good access from Kansai is also a secret of popularity.

The approach to Ise Shrine is largely “Oharai-Town” and “Okage-Yokocho”, it is a Japanese style house with a touch and has a very atmospheric cityscape.

Ise shrine Okage Side streetI would like to introduce some shops that I recommend individually among many shops.

◼ ︎ Isoage “MaruTen”

Japanese paste products

“MaruTen” is a shop located in the middle of the “Oharai-town”, and I will also use it for eating as we always visit Ise Shrine.

Fried tempura using fresh seafood is now a staple of eating in Ise Shrine.

Japanese paste products“Tako stick” and “cheese stick” are popular. Because the expiration date is about 5 days, takeaway is also recommended. Especially potato butter heaven is selling.

Japanese paste products

■ Dried fish Cram school(Himomo Juku)


Himono-JukuWe use only fish caught in the fresh seas around which we can eat even raw but we sell “dried fish” made by Japanese traditional methods (20 ~ 30 papers).

dried fishPeople from overseas may not be able to return easily, but you can bake the dried fish sold at the store in the shop and try it!

■ Buta-Sute

The name of the shop meaning to abandon pigs, famous for “croquette” and “kushikatsu” using locally brand beef, a row of customers to buy these are made in front of the shop.

This shop is also a shop where you drop by whenever I visit Ise Shrine.

◼ ︎ Iga · Uji-En / Midori

Mie prefecture with Ise Shrine is the third largest Japanese tea production, it has become one of the brand Japanese tea called Ise tea.

The standard green tea is affordable and how about as a Japanese souvenir?

Also, at the shop, soft creams using Matcha and Japanese tea cups are on sale.


◼ ︎ Hakubei

This shop in “Okage Yokocho” is a pickles shop that keeps the taste of tradition.

“Ise Takuan” and pickles made in Ise plain as pickles. You can enjoy the taste of each season such as Wakana vegetable radishes in the spring, “Wakasa Melon” in summer, “Kakinomaki cabbage” mainly in fruit early in the early fall.

During the year, pickles of cucumbers are sold at 150 yen in stores, and many people are eating.

◼ ︎ Akafuku

Japanese famous sweets A representative souvenir of Ise, “Akafuku-Mochi”of Japanese sweets!

Although it is also sold at shops and the like at stations throughout the country, red Fukumoto rice at “Akafuku”Head office in Ise shrine is said to be auspicious, many tourists take home and enjoy taking a meal in the shop I will.

Japanese famous sweets In addition, please eat the menu which can only be eaten at the main shop, “Akafuku-Ice” in the summer and “Akafuku-Zenzai” in the winter by all means.

Japanese famous sweets In the back of the head office, there are also special seats that you can eat while watching the scenery of Suzu River!

Other than that, there are also brand beef skewers, oyster tempura, local beer with local Japanese sake, traditional Japanese lucky cats and traditional Japanese sweet shop toys, which promises a fulfilling day !

Why do not you put the Ise Jingu Shrine in the plan about 2 hours by rail from Kansai / Osaka by all means! !




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