Udon noodles in Kansai ・ Osaka!


If you came to Japan, “Udon” you want to eat by all means.

Recently, Japanese food spreads globally and I think that the degree of recognition of Udon has improved, but I will introduce the popular Udon shops in Kansai ・Osaka.

The name of the shop is “Tsurutontan”.

Kansai Osaka 『Turutontan』

“Tsurutontan” has four stores in Osaka, but we introduce Honmachi store which can be eaten inside a purely Japanese store.

There is a large tatami room on the 2nd floor, and you can use it for relaxing even with a large number of children.

Kansai 『Turutontan』 Inside ZashikiThis shop is located in the middle of the business district, about 10 minutes from Osaka Metro · Midosuji Honmachi Station or Osaka Metro Saksaji Line Sakaisuke Honmachi Station.

Since it crowds around 12: 00-13: 00 and 18: 00 on weekdays and 11: 30 – 13: 30 and 18: 00 on weekends, it is recommended that you come and visit the store after that time.

Even during the lunch in Kansai, especially during the lunch in Osaka, the highly valued “Tsurutontan”, but the Udon to eat at a shop with a pure Japanese atmosphere is cheap! delicious! It will certainly realize.

The price of the menu is the price of a udon single serving, but you can choose the amount of noodles up to three times without any difference!
It is also advisable to share it with a small child and eat it.

Even for menus and regular Udon stores, variety is very rich.

There are seasonal menu and classic menu using seasonal ingredients.

Among them, my favorite menu is …

“Curry Udon”

Kansai Osaka 『TsuruTonTan』 1380yen“Alaska pollack cream udon”

Kansai Osaka 『TsuruTonTan』 1480 yen“Kitsune Udon”

Kansai Osaka 『TsuruTonTan』 780yenOf course there are also “tempura udon” “Tenazuru udon”!

Also, please also try the Japanese classic “Katsu-don” “Ten-don” by all means!

Kansai Osaka 『TsuruTonTan』 1280yenThe menu display of the shop corresponds to English, Chinese and Korean, and I think that it is a nice service for travelers from overseas.

While we are crowded with business people during the daytime on weekdays, if you go to the start of lunch sales at 11:00, you are free, so please eat lunch set menu only for weekdays by all means!

With udon and daily rice and a side menu it costs 800 yen to 1,000 yen and it is very profitable!
Of course the amount of noodles is up to three times OK!

Lunch set(800en~1,000en)

Because the night menu is the same except weekday lunch menu, cheap and delicious, people who want to eat Japanese food and those who want to eat Udon in Kansai · Osaka are sure to eat in a pure Japanese-style building “Tsurutontan · Please go to Honmachi store!

As an aside … Please also visit this “Tsurutontan” toilet!

In store path along the toiletMouthwashes and cotton swabs are always in place, so you can feel Japanese worries for businessmen.


If you came to Kansai, try eating cheap, delicious Japanese stomach hood “Udon” full of stomach!

How about a pure Japanese-style shop “Tsurtontan · Honmachi store” in that shop?

Japanese style taste here and there ...Let’s meet in Kansai ・ Osaka! !


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