Japan / Kansai cheap but tasty local food! “Takoyaki”


Japanese cuisines such as “tempura” “sushi” are very popular overseas, but there are also many local foods popular as the taste of common people in fact.

Takoyaki in KansaiIn this time, we introduce “Takoyaki” popular in Kansai, especially Osaka.

I think that there are many people who already know, but the local food of the people living in Kansai is “Takoyaki”. There are many stores in Japan, but Kansai / Osaka has the largest number of “Takoyaki” stores in Japan.

Takoyaki is a snack cuisine topped with sauce and mayonnaise, bonito and green laver, with octopus and Tenpura Bits etc put in the flour dough, baked round.

The price is different depending on the store, but it is around 350 yen ~ 450 yen in about 8 pieces. You can have the best experience even if you eat as a snack of eating when you get a little hungry, or as a buddy of a beer!

A row of takoyaki restaurants in KansaiThere are many famous Takoyaki shops in Kansai, but even if “Takoyaki” can not be queued, it is attractive whether you eat anywhere you eat, wherever you eat, even if you are not listed in a magazine !

You saw the first time baking Takoyaki I think that you will be touched by the skill that the crumbling wheat grows steadily and steadily!

Kansai general house "TAKOYAKI Cooker"However, many of the authentic Kansai / Osaka people have acquired such impressive techniques. Actually, it is not unusual for families in Kansai / Osaka to have all the tools to bake Takoyaki.

There are a lot of “Takoyaki” shops in Kansai, there are shops where you can eat with liquor and juice with eating in space, popular shops of take-out that can be queued.

Takoyaki and beerThe beer drinking with Takoyaki is exceptionally delicious, it is cheap in the Kansai and has become a representative for drinking!

If you come to Kansai, please enjoy a toast with the Kansai city walking while eating “Takoyaki” loved by the Kansai people and a toast with beer while eating “Takoyaki”!

Takoyaki Kansai




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