Osaka · Doguyasuji(tool shop muscles) where commitment kitchen utensils are available!


Today, I will introduce “Sennichima Doguyasuji(tool shop muscle shopping) street ” in Osaka · Namba!

Osaka ·Doguyasuji (tooler shop muscle)There are more than 50 shops in the 150 meter arcade.

Everything related to food is complete. The lineup is centered on items dealt with professional chefs and shops, it is very pleasant to watch and never get bored.

Japanese kitchen equipment“This is not something like this right? There is … “What are you going to use for this kind of thing? “Did you have such a big thing? “There are lots of goods that never exist in large-scale home centers and department stores, and even just watching makes them happy.

Japanese business kitchenwareOf course there are lots of things you can use at home as well.

Cookware / tableware, uniforms for signage of restaurants and restaurants, tea ceremony for use in kitchen knives and sushi shops, all of which are excellent in functional beauty.

Lanterns of Japanese restaurantsA little strange thing may be available for Japanese souvenirs.

Historically, Osaka is familiar with the “city of food”, where shops are using sticking tools by sticking craftsmen.

Also, there are shops dealing with only Japanese food samples, and you can also create a sample of that food sample. There are also magnets in straps and key holders. These are also Japanese … … How about a souvenir in Osaka?

Japanese Food SamplesJapanese food sample key chainIn addition, the surroundings are called “backside Namba” area, which has become a hottest area where you can eat fancy and delicious things in recent years, and gourmet is also enriched from well-established shops to new stores So, we will introduce you to another opportunity.

■ Access to the Osaka Doguyasuji(tool store line)

【When using train】

Get off at Osaka Metro Midosuji line “Namba station”, 3 minutes on foot

From the basement rising from the E – 3 exit to the ground and entering the Nankai Dori shopping street, you can see the signboard of the “road” of the tool store muscle in the front, the first four corners to the right.

【Street address】

Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Namba Senju-Echi

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