“Nara Park is the world’s magical country!” There is no doubt that you will be captivated by the cute deer and the cultural heritage dotted on the vast site.


People who are a little interested in Japan, I think I’ve heard it once, but today I will introduce “Nara Park”.

By the way, the reviews of travelers from overseas are like this …

  • It gets very crowded here as this park is a very popular tourist attraction. We saw some tourists feeding the deers with biscuits. Once they started feeding, the deers follow them around.
  • This is a beautiful place surely. Not just the park but even the town itself. A good whole day to walk around is nice. Stay over nights for trekking can be good too. Lovely deer are around as well as traditional Japanese food joints.
  • You can really get very close to the deers to get good photos. I think you can even buy food to feed them. The park tends to get crowded so early morning is the best if you want to take photos.

“Nara Park” is dotted with many historic buildings such as Todaiji, Kofukuji, Kasuga Taisha, Nishikuda Taisha, Wakakusayama, etc. on or around the vast grounds about 4 kilometers east-west and about 2 kilometers north and south.

Also famous for “Nara Park” is the wild deer who is not feeding about 1,200 heads!

Even if it is wild, the deer of “Nara Park” is used to people, and many deer comes when you send deer crackers that you can buy anywhere in “Nara Park”.

Besides, the Japanese deer is polite and will bow to you when you offer deer crackers!

In the Nara-machi area around Nara Park, it is also good to go to a Japanese-style house where you renovated old-fashioned Japanese houses.

Access is good, I can go from Osaka station by JR train for about 1 hour, Tennoji from about 30 minutes, from Namba station by Kintetsu train in about 30 minutes.

While being healed by the deer, I took a walk in the park, I touched Japanese culture from the historical building with Todaiji and Februo (February is a free admission fee!), And Mt. Wakakusa has about 40 minutes From the top of the tower … From there you can see the city of ancient city Nara!

Let’s feel Japanese culture for a full day at “Nara Park” How is it! !


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