About traveling in Osaka/Kansai by trains.


Today we talk about the transportation especially by train, in Osaka(Kansai).

The main transportation in the central area of the Osaka is Osaka Metro (subway).

Osaka Metro consists of 8 lines.

Osaka Metro Route Map

Huge underground shopping centers are located around the terminal station where each line intersects.They are so huge that you should check the exit number before you leave so that you will not get lost when you go out to the ground.

And I recommend that you enjoy Osaka by “One day limited tickets” (It is available at Osaka Metro station. 800 yen for adult.)

Osaka Metro One day ticketEvery line of Osaka Metro arrives and departs at the rate of one in almost two to five minutes, and it is operated almost at the time table, so I think that it is a very good means of transportation.

Kansai Osaka MetroHowever, around 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning there is a rush of commuting to school and it is difficult to board with big baggage. In this time period, a stationer who pushes passengers into the train is active.

Particularly crowded is Midosuji Line, Tanimachi Line, Yotsubashi Line, so it is recommended to use the time adjustment.

Kansai Osaka MetroI will let you introduce the features and attractions of each line in future blogs!


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