Cheap and delicious “Standing Drinking Style” in Kansai


I think that everyone is the same to come to Japan and want to go to cheap and delicious shops.

Also recommended for travelers to Japan is “standing drink”.

Standing drinking house in Japan · KansaiIn Kansai “standing drinking” has become a standard for around 10 years ago in order to drink cheap and delicious meals and liquor.

Until then, it was drinking that Japanese blue workers fill their stomachs with cheap sake and simple dishes, but now they are doing a lot of standing drinkers sticking to stylish food and liquor.

Standing drinking house in Japan · Kansai

The good place of the stand up bar is still cheap! It is cheap to enjoy the conversation with other customers because there is a particular food in each shop and there is no decided territory called a table.

Standing drinking house in Japan · KansaiA variety of dishes, a shop recommended for fresh seafood dishes, a shop recommended for skewers of specialties in Osaka, shops recommended for local local sake in Japan, etc. Each shop competes for delicious and cheap specialties I am entertaining.

Delicious dish of the Japanese and Kansai standing drinks shopThere is also a well-established shop in the outdoor drinking style, and I think that it is also interesting to fully enjoy the night in Kansai in a drinking bar!

Outdoor standing bar shop in Japan · KansaiIn the Kansai area, in particular, I personally recommend a standing bar in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe from the next time on!

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