Japanese hot spring inn♨②

Japan_Kansai Onsen townContinuing from the previous time, this time I will introduce how to enjoy my hot spring inn ♨️.

Many Ryokan(inn) have check-in time around 15:00 and check-out time around 10:00.


Here are some common schedules when I stay at a hot spring inn on a family trip.

Japan_Kansai Onsen townIf there is a hot spring town♨️(A townscape lined with Japanese hot spring accommodation and hot bath facilities. There are restaurants, souvenir shops, amusement shops, and shops necessary for daily life. Guests often walk around the streets in Yukata. )near the hot spring inn, you will reach the hot spring area in the morning, enjoy lunch in the hot spring town, and look around the souvenir streets to see the souvenir phone.

When it is time to check in, you can enjoy the hot springs at the large public baths at many hot spring inns!

Japan_Kansai OnsenImmediately a Japanese bath will soothe your healing level! You will surely have a wonderful experience in the open-air bath under the blue sky.

What you should be careful about here is the manners of the bath.

Japanese people who love bathing have some manners in bathing, so please observe the Japanese people around you or ask questions about manners to the people who have come together in the bath.

Japan_Kansai OnsenThen, when you come out of the bath, relax in the room where the scent of Tatami is spreading.

For in-room meals, the Ryokan Nakai (a waitress at the hot spring inn)will prepare meals and you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine and sake.


Japanese foodAfter a meal, I think you can go for a walk in the hot spring town with a Yukata.

Please enjoy the hot spring in the public bath again after a meal or after a walk.



Hot-spring inn futonEven after taking a bath, enjoy a little Sake and a small bowl, and take a rest slowly with a soft and comfortable Futon prepared by Nakai after the meal.

And get up in the morning and go to the hot spring again and enjoy the morning air and the hot spring!

After that, eat breakfast and check out.

Japan_Kansai OnsenThere are so many hot spring inns ♨️ in Japan.

Please find a good hot spring inn considering your budget and what you want to do.

In this blog, I would like to introduce more recommended inns than those who live in Kansai!


In the near future, I would like to create a unique guidebook for you, including recommended hot spring inns in Kansai.



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