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Japan/Kansai Onsen-RyokanToday I would like to talk about how to enjoy Japanese hot spring inns(Onsen-Ryokan).♨️

There are really many hot springs in Japan. There are a lot of natural hot springs in the middle of the city, but if you come to Japan, why not stay at a hot spring inn that is unique to Japan?

Is there a difference between a Ryokan and a Hotel in the first place?

I would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.



The room is usually spent with shoes or slippers provided. Bathing is basically done in the guest room, and meal service is not included, or you may be able to eat at the attached restaurant.

Hotel benefits

Hotel rooms・Privacy is maintained

・ High degree of freedom

Hotel disadvantages

Demerit・ Little interaction with others

・Often you have to arrange it yourself (you have to tell the request).




You can take off your shoes indoors and spend your time in Yukata. Nakai(a waitress at the hot spring inn) will also serve you and you can eat in your room or where you want. There are usually bathing facilities such as a public bath, or are located nearby. Experience traditional Japanese hospitality(Omotenashi).

Ryokan benefits


・ Don’t worry about arranging meals

・ Enjoy Japanese food

・ One Nakai (a waitress at the hot spring inn)in charge of one room and full hospitality

・ Enriching the bath ♨️

Ryokan disadvantages

apan_ Kansai Onsen-Ryokan・For the service, usually the inn staff will go in and out of the room

・Many opportunities to interact with people


As with me, if you are a foreign tourist, I would like to stay at a hot spring inn and enjoy Japanese culture.

However, Ryokan are not located in town, but are basically located in hot springs and in the countryside.
(Caution! Please note that most of the Ryokan in the town are mostly unsanitary price-oriented)

Japan_ Kansai Onsen-RyokanIn Kansai, there are many inns such as Arima-Onsen, Kinosaki-Onsen, Sumoto-Onsen (Awaji Island), Shirahama-Onsen, Ogoto-Onsen, etc.

If you come to Japan / Kansai, please consider staying at a hot spring inn.
I’m sure you will have a wonderful experience!

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