How about for a gift? Japanese traditional food and super hood “soybean flour:Kinako”!


Today I would like to introduce Japanese traditional super food ingredients that Japanese servants are recently addicted to.

That’s … “Kinako”!

“Kinako” is a product made by grinding soybeans into a fine powder, which is also recommended for babies and pregnant women because of the abundance of nutrition.

“Kinako” has abundant nutrients, but among them the ingredients such as isoflavone, dietary fiber, protein, folic acid, calcium, iron are attracting attention.

There are various ways to eat, but there is no sweetness so you can eat deliciously when used with honey, sugar and oligosaccharide.

Place on yogurt .. put in coffee … put on pancake … put in milk … put on bread … put on french toast … on vanilla ice … etc.

In Japan’s supermarket, I sell it anywhere and I can purchase it for around 200 yen!

Since making a Japanese traditional super hood “soybean flour” a gift by all means, how is it?








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