【Osaka Yakitori(Charcoal grilled chicken)】AKI(安喜)


If you are looking for a delicious and cheap “charcoal grilled chicken” shop in Osaka,there is a 2 minute walk from the Osaka Metro Midosuji line 24 minutes by walk from Osaka (Umeda) station, “Charcoal Grilled Yakitori AKI(安喜)”is recommended!


Yakitori is pretty touchful with volume full score! Every menu is really delicious and cheap!

Yakitori · Negima · Tsukune cheese · Wagyu Beef loin · bird rice cooker · Fried chicken · · ·

The origin of the name of the shop is the meaning of “cheap and joyful” in Japanese.

There are also sake and shochu matching sauces for yakitori at the shop front and there are many things other than menus, and sake that can not be drunk at other shops in Japan is also available at cheap prices. Homemade plum wine and Japanese wine There is something!

However, as it is a popular shop, I will have to wait especially on weekends.

As a tricky technique, we will only accept reservations for that day at the store only during opening preparation.

Also, if the lantern at the entrance is on, there will be a vacancy, and if the lantern is off, it will be a full sign.

If you do not make a reservation, if you are occupied, give your name and mobile number and you will be informed when the order comes.

If you came to Osaka, please drop in at ‘Charcoal Grilled chicken  · AKI(安喜)’ worth waiting even if you wait!





Store name/Genre AKI(安喜)/Grilled chicken・Yakitori
business hours 17:00-25:00(No rest)
Street address 7-12-28 Karita Sumiyoshiku Osakashi Osakahu Tokyu Building 1F
TEL 06-6695-2468
Shop capacity Four-seat table (Narrowing) · Counter 8 seats
Recommended menu Yakitori · Negima · Tsukune cheese · Beef Harami · Deep-fried · Bird’s Mugs etc etc etc
Sake and drink Beer · rare sake · rare shochu · Japanese made wine · homemade plum wine etc etc
merit ↑ Anything is cheap and delicious anyway!
Demerit ↓ Shop capacity is small and crowded (How to make a reservation by blog …)
language Japanese only



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