Fall of Japan that colorizes in color🍁


In Japan, there are spring, summer autumn winter and four seasons, and you can enjoy different scenery, atmosphere and meals in each season.

And in Japan the hot summer has ended, this is the autumn season.

As for autumn in Japan, you can see delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients and autumn leaves decorated in various places, like “fall of appetite” or “fall of autumn leaves”.

"Touhuku-ji Temple” in Kyoto is famous for its autumn foliageToday, I will introduce about such autumn foliage .

Autumn foliage are the leaves of trees that color red or yellow as autumn deepens.
Cherry blossoms blooming in spring are beautiful pink colors, but the color of leaves changes depending on the type and timing of trees. The scenery where colors overlap many times seems to be a painting that can only be seen at this time.

"Eikando” in Kyoto is famous for its autumn foliage

The season when autumnal foliage are seen varies from region to region, but in Osaka and Kyoto neighborhood it is around the end of October to the end of November and the best time to see is around the middle of November.

You can see a lot in parks and shrines and temples, and you will see a beautiful figure like a world of paintings.

It can be watched only in the warm region of the Northern Hemisphere, but among them in Japan with four seasons, autumn leaves are vivid and the vividness of yellow is touching things.

The famous shrine temples’ colored leaves season has a fantastic atmosphere with lighting up at night as well.

Light up of autumn leaves

The famous autumn foliage spot is extremely crowded at the weekend, so we recommend sightseeing as much as possible during weekdays.

Also, there are delicious dishes around famous colored leaves spots, so please enjoy delicious food as well.

From now on, we will introduce famous autumn leaves sight which is good access by train and bus at any time.

Nara Park of autumn foliage

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