Kansai / Kyoto Uji green tea is delicious! ! ②

◾︎Kansai / Uji Green Tea in Kyoto

Kansai / Uji green tea pickingKansai / Kyoto’s Uji green tea is one of the most famous brands in Japan.

Uji green tea in Kansai / Kyoto is also known as the birthplace of Japanese green tea, and its history is about 900 years old.

It is said that Uji in Kansai / Kyoto is the establishment of the current tea production method, and it is also said to be a sacred place for Japanese green tea.

For that reason, there are many well-established tea shops all over the country near the Byodo-in temple.

◾︎ Kansai / Uji’s long-established tea shop in Kyoto

There are many long-established Japanese tea shops in Uji, Kansai / Kyoto.

There are several reasons why there are so many green tea shops in Uji in Kansai / Kyoto. The climate is suitable for tea cultivation, there is delicious water, and tea has been useful for a long time in historic Kyoto.

Here are some of the most famous Japanese teas in Uji, Kansai / Kyoto.

・ Tu-en

This store located at the base of Uji Ohashi is a store with a history of over 1000 years.

Currently, soft ice cream using green tea is also delicious.



・ Ito-Kuemon

Itou-Kemon is famous among Uji tea shops.

Matcha jelly has a very strong matcha and is a popular secret.

Tea-soba is also refreshing and popular.

There is also a menu such as Uji Matcha Tiramisu.

Please appreciate it!

Kansai / Kyoto Uji (Hukujyuen)・ Uji Tea Studio / Fukujuen

At Fukujuen, you can enjoy not only tea dumplings, matcha zenzai, Uji matcha soft, but also unusual menus such as Ujicha rice balls.

Ujicha Onigiri is a rice ball containing Sencha boiled in a bowl.

There is also an 8 tatami real tea room.

・ Nakamura-Tokichi-Honten

Nakamura-Tokichi-Honten has a rich matcha menu, and you can eat various matcha sweets such as financier, matcha chocolate, castella, dumplings and cookies.

Namacha jelly (matcha tea) in a bamboo tube is a popular menu, and it is finished as a dish with a taste.


Kansai / Kyoto Uji (Kamibayashi Saniri Main Store)・ Kamibayashi-Saniri Main Store

Kamibayashi-Sanrihonten is a long-established store with a history and tradition that is just a few minutes walk from Byodo-in.

Because it is in Byodo-in-Omotesando, it is also convenient to stop by after sightseeing.

In addition to selling pure Uji tea, we also recommend Matcha chocolate.


・ Tujiri-hyouei

Tujirii-Honten is a historic tea shop that was founded in 1860.

There are a wide variety of menu items that make use of Uji Matcha, and there are various sweets that use Uji Matcha abundantly.

Among them, the green tea parfait “Hijire Uji” is a popular menu.

Please thoroughly enjoy discerning matcha sweets.

How was it.

In Uji, Kansai / Kyoto, there are many famous tea shops where you can enjoy plenty of tea and green tea sweets.

If you go to Kansai / Kyoto, please enjoy Japanese culture and Matcha sweets in Kansai / Uji.


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