Kansai / Kyoto Uji green tea is delicious! ! ①


Last time I introduced Uji’s World Heritage Site, Byodo-in Temple, but today I will introduce Kansai / Uji green tea!

◾︎Now, Japanese tea is very popular all over the world!

Now, Japanese tea is booming for people who are sensitive to health and beauty around the world.

Coffee, black tea, and Chinese tea booms have settled, quality trust is high, and Japanese tea drinks without sugar are very popular.

Due to the impact of the Japanese food boom overseas, tea exports from Japan have quadrupled over the past decade.

Among them, exports to the US account for about half of the total export volume!

◾︎Effect of green tea

Japanese tea (matcha and green tea) has many joyful effects and benefits. Here we can not explain each one in detail, but here are some typical ones.

・ Diet effect

5 cups of green tea per day is effective in fighting obesity.

・ Immunity UP

Catechin contained in green tea has the power to repel viruses.

・ Protect the heart

2-3 cups of green tea per day reduces the risk of heart disease

・ Bokeh prevention
・ Prevention of diabetes
・ Prevention of cancer
・ Prevention of bad breath
・ Prevention of arteriosclerosis, stroke, blood pressure drop
・ Deodorization effect

Japanese tea has many pleasing effects. It may be due to these effects that Japanese tea is becoming popular all over the world as well as Japanese.

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