There are plenty of cheap and delicious shops!


Today, I will introduce the spot where access from Osaka station is good and you can drink alcohol cheaply and eat delicious dishes.

How, most shops can drink alcohol from noon!

When the Japanese went to travel abroad, it feels the meal fee is high! That is to say.

In Osaka in Japan, there is a sanctuary where you can have delicious meals and shops where you can drink sake without spending money!

That’s … Osaka Station front building!

The Osaka station front building is composed of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th buildings, and all the buildings are connected underground from Osaka station and Umeda station!

Although it is not clearly understood, there are about 200 shops that are cheap, including taverns, ramen, Japanese and Western dishes!

The Osaka station front building is also a sanctuary for a salaried worker in Osaka, Japan, so it crowds around from 18 o’clock, so we recommend that you go to the shop around 17 o’clock.

There are a lot of shops that prepares a set with liquor and small dish dishes at 500 yen and stores with beer of 190 yen.

I think that it is interesting even if you cross some shops.

There are also many famous shops, but of course they are cheap prices so you can use any shop safely!

About 30% of shops are closed on Saturdays and most shops are closed on Sunday, so please be careful.

Also, please note that every shop is also closed time around 22 o’clock.

We recommend you to introduce famous shops and super cheap shops at a later date!

Anyway, why do not you touch the backside culture of Japan at the Osaka station front building that is cheap and accessible again! What?

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