A department store in Japan · A food street spreading in the basement is amazing!


There are many locations directly connected to department stores at the terminal station in Japan.

Such an amazing world is spreading in the basement of Japanese department stores!

Department store in Japan · Underground food streetIt is a grocery store! Fresh foods, processed foods, a variety of side dishes for lunch.
To sake in bread, famous ingredients from all over Japan, of course there are also cakes.

Both of them are high-quality items chosen by buyers of famous department stores.
The price is a bit higher than the general supermarket, but the assortment and quality are really amazing.

Department store in Japan · Underground food streetIt is closed at 20 o’clock, but from around 19 o’clock before closing, it will be a discount price for selling out and it will benefit!

Return to the hotel, toast with Japanese sake and delicious snacks!
It is also good for procuring lunch for breakfast and the next day’s breakfast.

Of course, I think you can find a nice souvenir!

Even so, Osaka · Umeda’s underground grocery store in the Hanshin department store, Kansai also has a particularly big crowd.

Osaka · Hanshin department store Underground grocery storePersonally recommended, the shop will be introduced slowly later!

Japanese department store · Japanese side dishHanshin department store is connected underground from Umeda station · Osaka station, and access is also excellent.

Why do not you touch the Japanese food culture and really delicious food at the underground grocery store in Japanese department store?


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