It is cheap and good!‐Tenjimbashisuji Shopping district‐


Today I will introduce Osaka’s Tenjinbasisuji Shopping District.

Tenjimbashisuji‐Shopping district

Tenjimbashisuji‐Shopping district

Tenjinbasisuji Shopping District is 2.6 KM in the north and south, it will be the length of 2 metro station section of the subway metro station.

Approximately 600 shops are connected to the arcade street and its surroundings, shops that local people use as part of their lives, such as clothing items, eating and drinking establishments, entertainment facilities, and locals seeking cheap and delicious eateries People are crowded with people.

Tenjinbasisuji Shopping District is between Tenjinbashi 1 – chome and 7 – chome.

It is the longest in Japan in arcade shopping district.



You can feel the daily life of Osaka such as cheap sushi shop, croquette, Takoyaki, Izakaya …, shops and souvenir shops in Osaka sundries, Osaka Tenmangu Shrine as Tenjinbasisuji Shopping Distric symbol and rental kimono shops to rent for 500 yen It is a recommended spot!

Eating while walking around the shopping street is also good, and lunch is also good slowly at the shops where you cared!

Kimono rental

Kimono rental

In the evening, the shopping

area is closed, but in the area around JR Temmabashi Station it is crowded with people who want cheap and delicious meals and alcohol!

Taking a look all around, it will take a whole day …

I will introduce my recommended shops from this blog in the future, so please look for interesting shops and spots by all means!


Tenjimbashisuji‐Shopping district croquette

Modern department store and shopping mall are also the Japanese daily life now of course, but since experiencing traditional Japan and traditional Osaka by Tenjinbasisuji Shopping District, how is it?





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