Kansai / Akashi’s 『Uontana Market』 and Uontana Market『Akashi Castle Park』②

Akashi Uontana MarketAkashi Station is about 15 minutes on foot from Akashi Fishing Port in Setouchi, and there is a “Uontana Market” between the fishing port and Akashi Station, with about 100 stores lined around fresh fish stores.

This arcade shopping district is very short, about 350m in total length, but there are a lot of shops dealing with seafood which is landed from Akashi fishing port and shops of paste using fresh seafood.

Akashi-YakiThere are many restaurants that use proud seafood in the sea, but after all, please eat Akashi-yaki using octopus, which is a specialty of Akashi Fishing Port!

While Osaka’s Takoyaki is basically eaten in a sauce, Akashiyaki is basically eaten while being put on a soup with a savory flavor.


Akashi Octopus FoodAkashi Ocutopus foodThere are a lot of shops that can eat such Akashi-yaki, and a lot of “Uontana Market”!

Akashi octopus is a famous product that everyone in Kansai knows, and there are shops selling octopus simmered and cooked in addition to Akashi-yaki, so try various things while eating and walking. Please! !

“Uontana Market” is open from 8:00 to 18:00, but morning and around noon, where fish coming back from fishing in the daytime, is crowded. As it is only a private store, business hours and holidays are broken apart, but please be careful as there are many shops on Thursday holidays.

The red snapper is also famous nationwide along with the octopus, and some are sold as fresh fish, but some are grilled and sold as fillets. Please try this one too!

SAKE storeMy recommendation is to buy ingredients that are perfect for eating these things … buying local sake … At Akashi Castle Park, about a 5-minute walk from the Fish Shelf Shopping District, there is a Japanese garden, It is to relax while watching the stone wall of the castle!

Akashi castle ParkAkashi Castle does not have a castle tower because the era of war has ended before building a castle tower, but I think it is possible to feel the Japanese culture, as there are stone walls and remains.

In Kansai, there is Osaka Castle, which is very famous nationwide, and there is also Himeji Castle, a world heritage site, but why not visit Akashi Castle Park, a place of relaxation to let locals love Is not it.

Osaka Kuromonn MarketKyouto Nishiki MarketIn addition, there are “Kuromon Market” in Kansai and Osaka, and “Kashiwa Market” in Kyoto, but there are a large number of foreign tourists, and they are tourist destinations, but “Fish Shelf Shopping District” is still local. A lot of people are visiting and I can feel the daily life of Kansai.

By all means, let’s leave Osaka Station a little early and stop on the way before going to National Treasure Himeji Castle and stop by Akashi! ?

Akashi castle Park

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